Monday, April 21, 2014

The end of a busy year..

I am amazed that this school year is coming to a close.  The new Common Core Standards have been implemented and the kids are learning.  I have seen teachers come together for a common goal of seeing students succeed.

My love of reading and teaching reaching has grown this year.  I have seen 23 six year olds begin to read, read and read some more.  We are now reading chapter books that excite and motivate.  Junie B. Jones and Cam Jansen are the most requested.  I began allowing students to check out books from my own library.  This has motivated them tremendously.  Every day they will ask if they can check out one of my books.  I have teacher friends, that do not allow students to take their own personal books home.  Several years ago, I decided that I would allow my books to leave my room.  I feel that if I loose one or two books, but I motivate a child to read it is not a loss.  I would gladly relinquish my library and replinish it yearly, if I can help my students become readers.

As I end my 4th year in a 1st grade classroom, I must say that I am continually honored to be in this profession.  I love my students and I love my job.  I get up each morning excited to go to work.  Of course, I get tired, discouraged and overwhelmed.  However, there are still nights that I wake up and think about a particular student, and try to figure out ways to help him or her succeed.  It is such an awesome responsibility.

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