Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th.......

That day is etched in my memory. That day took away a sense of security that Americans came to expect.  As I sit and watch the History Channel show "102 Minutes" the pain is still raw.  Tears will still run down my checks and I will gasp in horror at total devastation.  I watch people waving white flags out of windows, waiting for rescue that will never come.  The terrified voices of people in the building.  The falling man.
                                                                                                                                                                          The fear that must have over taken this man to a point of no return. 

Some people went to work and never expected it to be their last time.  They wave white towels out of windows in hopes to attract attention, little did the know they had the attention of the entire world at the moment in time.

Today in class I felt it was my duty as a teacher to say something about that day.  I told my 1st graders it was a day to thank our heroes.  I didn't mention WTC, or anything about the NY tragedy.  Their minds are to young to even comprehend such a horrible day in our country.  We talked about people that are heroes and what they do.  Heroes are people that run to help others in need.  We talked about how brave firefighters and policemen are.  
Maybe one day, when they are older they will sit down and read a book or watch a documentary about this day in our history.  Maybe they will make a connection to their first grade teacher and understand why we talked about heroes. Maybe they will understand then, why I make them stand up straight and tall during the Pledge Of Allegiance every day.  Maybe they will begin to love our country the way I do.  The pictures they colored of the flags today will be more than just a "color sheet."  It will be something to take pride in and do your very best on.  As they began to show me their finished work, they were very beautiful and I was very proud.  Several sweeties gave me their flag, they said they made it for me.  I was touched.  Most of the flags went home to hopefully take their rightful place on the refrigerator.  
I know one day my students will be taught (not by me) about the significance of this day.  But until then I will talk about heroes, our Flag and how grateful I am to live in the United States of America.  
I will teach them to be proud of their flag.