Friday, May 9, 2014

The marks on the end of the crib..

Last night I went over to my niece's house to help her out with her kids.  I love being around them and watching them play and experience life.  She is an awesome mother to 7 wonderful kids.  Most recently two little precious girls.  As I walked through her room, I glanced at the crib that I loaned her.  I looked at the teeth marks that are on the ends of the beds.  The little marks that were made by my boys, who are now 18, 22 & 23.  I ran my hand over the marks and just looked at them and remembered.  I remember the sleepless nights, the exhausting days, and the days I thought I just couldn't do it.  I remember wishing that I didn't have mounds of clothes lying on the floor of my washroom.  I wished my house could be straight for just one day.  I wished I could go to the bathroom alone.  All of that seems so far away now.  What a distant memory.  Now, my washroom floor is empty, my house is usually straight, and I am seldom get woke up during the night.  I miss those babies.  The ones that chewed on the end of the crib.  

Last week walking through Target, I saw some friends with their three little kids.  It was hectic, they were tired.  They talked about the fact that they were never alone.  I laughed and told them to enjoy it.  "Yeah, right!"  I told them without hesitation that I would go back, even if for one trip to Target, or one hectic meal out with four kids.  And I would, no doubt.  

My kids always think it is funny that I will immediately cry when I listen to Alan Jackson's song Remember When.  (You can listen to it here )  However, this song perfectly sums up my emotions.  Remember when.... the sound of little feet was music...  yes I do...

I am honored to be a mother.  I am honored to have memories that bring tears to my eyes.  One day, when my kids have kids of their own, they will listen to this song, and I guarantee their eyes will fill with tears.  In the meantime, I will remember those hectic days, and continue to wish that even for a moment I could travel back....

Happy Mother's Day:)

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