Friday, June 24, 2011


I am in the process of deciding how to organize my room this year.  I usually get so busy that organization takes a back seat!  I want to come up with some really cool ways to display books, have seating arrangements and make my just my room look pleasant.  I do not like clutter, and want my room to not be too busy with "things."  I made an effort to purge my classroom this past year of needless things that I knew I would not use.  I think that as soon as I can get in my room and begin figuring things out, I will feel better.

I would really like any suggestions you may have about organization.  I've been reading quite a bit of  and really like alot of the great ideas.  If you have any great ideas, you would be willing to share, please do!  I look forward to hearing from you!!!


  1. Wish I had words of wisdom! I'm striving to be "clutter-free"!!! I hope you get lots of ideas!

  2. I am still working on the clutter part! clutter free classrooms is one of my fav sites. I think that teachers are horders buy nature!

    I am new to the blogging world and would love if you visted my blog and followed me

  3. I have my entire classroom in my garage (sans furniture and computers) and spent the day with my older sister cleaning said garage...I have toooooooooooooooo much stuff (not even close to done back at it tomorrow), so I too will be organizing both work and home...I will follow along on your journey ...

  4. LOL, I've just posted about my garage too! It is my big holiday project! I'm still waiting for the storage to go up, but you can see some pics here (and they aren't the worst ones!)

    I'd love to see what you did to organise yours!

    In terms of organisation, I find the hardest things to store are all the games I have. I've bought a clothing rack (cheaper than pocket chart racks!), and if I make them myself, I can buy clear bags at our local uni for $1! This includes the handle that pulls apart to open the bag. I then make a cardboard divider that hangs inbetween the bags to separate the different topics. I've also used snap lock bags with trouser coat hangers to hang them up. If you have heaps of games you can buy the two level clothes racks. Hope this helps!

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