Saturday, March 28, 2015

Walt, the Bearded Dragon

We have a new friend in 706.  His name is Walt.  Walt Disney to be exact.  He is a baby bearded dragon that loves his heat lamp and tree branch.  He is cute, in a reptilish sort of way:)

For those you of who don't really know me well, let me tell you I have a tendency to be obsessive. I worry about my animals.  Always checking to make sure they are okay.  

I honestly have never had contact with a reptile, until the past month.  I searched for something for my classroom, and never could make a firm decision.  I found Walt on Craigslist.  A sweet young lady gave him to me.  Of course my free bearded dragon has cost me quite a bit of money, but it is worth it.  Do you know that if a baby bearded dragon eats 25 crickets a day, and the crickets cost $1.39 a dozen, well..... you do the math!  

My students love Walt.  They write about him.  We do math exemplars, where Walt is the star.  They draw pictures of him on everything.  He is a hit.  He is their pet, they have taken ownership.  When they come in the mornings, the first words out of their mouths is always "Hey Walt!"  Walt has lots of friends.  All the kiddos on my hallway, know he is there.  They look for him. 

We've talked a lot about the desert.  We have to keep Walt's home very warm.  He seems to like it to be close to 90 - 100 degrees.  

I'm excited about helping my kids make some good memories with Walt.  I've always wanted to be the teacher that students come back to see.  I've got a feeling, that this year, Walt will win the award. I'm sure they will be back in the fall to see Walt (and me of course).